Wedding smiles

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Whether you are the bride, groom, bridesmaids or father of the bride we all want to look our best on that big day. Your wedding day is something you look back at years to come. Your clothes and the cars may look dated but you do not want your smile to be date.

You will no doubt be smiling the whole day, so why not be proud of your smile and make the most of those rare photo opportunities.

Forget the old, the blue, the borrowed, go for a whole new you. In spite of all the expensive jewellery and dresses, the best thing you can wear on your wedding day is your smile. To enable you to look your very best we offer several services here at Bow Lane Dental. Our London Dentists offer:

While you are visiting us bring your partner. Get the perfect start to a new life together a matching wedding smile. We offer removable braces, braces on the insides (lingual) and have even removed an entire set of braces just for the big day to put them back on again after the honeymoon.

Having on an-site dental laboratory we can complete your smile in hours. Whether it is a prophy air polishing session to remove stubborn stains or a set of porcelain veneers do not delay another day. We will taking photographs from different angles to see how best to improve your smile for the big day.

Remember a smile is for life, we will not cut any corners to get a beautiful long-lasting smile not just for your wedding day but your new life together. Call the expert Bow Lane Dental team on 020 7236 3600 now.

Whiter teeth only £45

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Credit-crunch tooth whitening with Smilestrips

Studies have shown that many men are spending less on dental treatment, often resorting to using harmful lemon juice to whiten their teeth But there is now an affordable option within everyone’s reach.

Leading cosmetic dentist Dr Goolnik is one of an elite few practices that have been licensed to sell, Smilestrips™ .

Quick and easy to use, Smilestrips™ are worn daily for just 30 minutes for up to 14 days to deliver affordable professional whitening.

Dr Goolnik says “Unlike other products, Smilestrips™ do not strip the enamel off your teeth.”

Other benefits include:

  • Value – a 14 day course costs only £45
  • Comfortable – Smilestrips™ are thin and flexible and mould to your teeth so can be worn on the go
  • Fool proof – Each strip contains the exact amount of whitening gel you need already in place. No more fiddling with syringes!
  • Safe – Whitening gel contains 6% Hydrogen Peroxide; no damage to healthy natural teeth

“My patients often bought whitening strips from the States and brought them back to try them,” says Dr Goolnik. “This could lead to problems because they were often being incorrectly used, causing damage to the tooth enamel. Now we have our own whitening system that gives great results. Because Smilestrips™ contain 6% Hydrogen Peroxide,the highest legal amount, you’ll initially need a check-up at your dentist to make sure they are safe for you to use and a prescription. But after that you can repeat you prescription time and time again, ensuring that your teeth always look pearly white for the fraction of the cost of regular laser whitening.”

Smilestrips™ are available at Bow Lane Dental Group and at the top 100 dental practices soon- see to find the nearest stockist.