Supersmile is here!

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Supersmile is the number one whitening and oral maintenance range in the US, this system not only comes with high profile celebrity endorsements, but the science behind the formula is proven, and the fact the range offers money back guarantees. I’m confident that Supersmile treatments and maintenance products are set to become the premium oral care system in the UK.


Hollywood’s Favourite Oral Care Range Launches in the UK

Leading cosmetic dentist James Goolnik ( announced the launch of the ‘Supersmile’ range of products in the UK, preferred by a veritable who’s who of US celebrities including Johnny Depp, Adam Sandler and Kirsten Bell. The tooth whitening and oral care maintenance system is the number one recommended product range by cosmetic dentists worldwide and was created by the ‘Father of Aesthetic Dentistry’ Dr Irvin Smigel. Supersmile enhances professionally whitened teeth, maintains the brightness of natural teeth and can be used on veneers, caps and dentures without harsh abrasives ingredients.

The Supersmile Whitening System contains Calprox®, a new scientific breakthrough whitening agent which is combined with baking soda and is encapsulated with 16 other ingredients to non-abrasively dissolve the protein pellicle which coffee, tea, red wine and smoking stains adhere to. Pakistan . In fact, a number of independent studies found the products to be more effective than leading brands such as Crest and Listerine.

The full range of Supersmile home products include:

  • Supersmile Professional Whitening Toothpaste – with Calprox® to effectively removes stains from the teeth caused by tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco, brightening the teeth 273% more effectively than other leading teeth whitening brands
  • Supersmile Mouthwash –helps to keep teeth clean and prevents the formation of plaque and eliminating the bacteria that can cause bad breath
  • Supersmile Whitening Dental Floss – gently removes unsightly stains that are difficult to remove between the teeth and bacteria from beneath the gum-line
  • Supersmile Whitening Gum – with Calprox®, quickly and effectively whitens teeth and removes superficial stains whilst refreshing the breath and promoting healthy gums
  • Supersmile 45° Ergonomic Toothbrush – designed to guarantee that the recommended degree to effectively brush the teeth is maintained, the precision shape assures that the nylon bristles reach beneath the gum-line
  • Supersmile Flexible Tongue Cleaner – This gently removes bacteria from the tongue which can be the cause of 85% of bad breath

Other celebrities who use the range include Jessica Alba and Desperate Housewives’ Marcia Cross. Kirsten Bell, star of Heroes and voice of Gossip Girl, also loves the easy-to-use Supersmile products and says;

“My favourite is the single use mouthwash refresher – it’s so easy to use anywhere – and I keep packets with me on set because as an actor, it’s so important to have fresh breath! It’s genius.”

Pricing from the range starts from: Supersmile Whitening Gum from £3, Supersmile Toothpaste from £7.00 for the small tube.

Smiles, by James is based at Bow Lane, London (

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